and Cats To See -

Bengal Cats, Birman Cats and other
Cat Lovers Favourites.

The Cats To See videos collection;
Best and Funniest Cat Videos from Youtube and elsewhere. Bengal Cats, Birman Cats, Kittens; All the Cat videos that have made us Laugh, provided Entertainment and many lovely surprises.

So much to admire; Wonderful creatures these...
And tens of thousands of videos posted by doting owners. Not all however are really worth watching.
Hope you like the ones we have chosen (see below...)

We have kept Bengals and Birmans mainly, but every cat owned has been remarkable.
Such cute Cats!

From us to you - selected videos of Cats To See. Ahhh... if only we could talk their language?

Says allow "blocked content"?
Hey, I get the same message and it's My Own video!!!

About CAT TRAINING a lot has been written; And having kept some delightful cats as pets over the years, we know that Training Cats is possible - though one soon learns it's not always easy. See below...

A time consuming process, you need to start when cats are very young if you are going to have any real success with obedience training, litter training and/or aggression training.

You'll want more information than I can provide here because I'm just another Cat lover and certainly no cat psychologist - we found that the expert specialist advice received was well worth paying for.

Owning Cats isn't cheap... Vetinary costs, Cat Food to buy, Cat Toys, Cat treats, Carry baskets, Scratching posts and accessories (well look, your pet's part of The Family - right?) all adds to the annual budget.

So make sure the "free training advice" you obtain is not some amateur actually wanting to extract a few more bucks from you for information that doesn't exactly measure up.

Rest assured, that won't happen here on this page...

Sponsors here provide access to the latest Cat products and Training methods that work. May I suggest however that you locate and view some Testimonials from Satisfied Cat Owners for clues as to which of these specialist offers are the right investment for you personally?
Best CAT & DOG videos?

Our favorites are:
Viewing tip: After watching Video, close page (returns you to this list).
Prevents videos already seen affecting play of your next selection.

1/ Hungry Bengal Kitten

2/ No Harm Done...

3/ Printer Paper Hater

4/ Mean Kitty (CLEVER!!!)

5/ Simon's clever too !

6/ IN and OUT Song:
get the message?

7/ Park Bench Dog

8/ Just arrived on youtube!

9/ Why everyone should own a dog ?


MORE SOON .......

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